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safer choice for your company

Because it would take too long to list the comparative advantages offered by AZIMUTS, we have listed 5 obvious advantages, the logical thread leading to an enlightened choice:


A differentiated range of services


We deploy innovative, efficient services, tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers.


This includes the use of new technologies, the implementation of advanced training methods for our personnel, and customized solutions for each operational situation.


Proprietary systems and technologies, developed in-house


Our systems, applications, and resulting methodologies are not based on standardized B2B models, but on feedback from our customers and collaborators.

We are thus in a good position to act appropriately, and to act as an effective link between all the parts involved.


In-depth knowledge of French, European and international regulations.


This advantage enables us to provide compliant services and meet current legal requirements, both in terms of implementing security procedures and complying with airport security standards.


A quality assurance system that goes beyond the notion of P.D.C.A.


Dealing with a non-conformity without taking the whole operating environment into account only creates repetition.

To avoid this phenomenon and be truly efficient, we include the search for the root cause so that each event is a source of progress, including the return of experience of our employees.


References that make... Reference


The fact that almost 40%* of our clients are listed on the NYSE, the CAC40, the DAX, the SBF 120, or LSE, is no coincidence.

By facilitating the management of operations, regulatory constraints, and reporting, we enable each entity to reduce the Total Cost of Use (T.C.U.) of subcontracting, while increasing productivity levels.

*Figures at June 1, 2023

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