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Airport & Aviation Security

For almost 20 years, we have been carried out screening and inspection operations for privately and public operated airports and Airlines companies.

Our teams, specifically trained and certified by the E.N.A.C., in compliance with the E.U. and French legislations, work on all vectors:

  • Passengers and carry-on baggage

  • Personnel and transported items

  • Crew members 

  • Airport supplies and in-flight supplies

  • Hold baggage

  • Vehicles

  • Freight


These skills extend to:


  • Rounds & patrols, in the restricted and in the public area

  • Detection of I.E.D. by certified dogs

  • Profiling

  • aircraft search

  • Aircraft surveillance

  • The application of specific company procedures

Our employees are also supported in carrying out their missions by a solid program of additional training:

  • I.A.T.A. D.G / T.G. 7.10 (formerly I.A.T.A. D.G. Cat. 12)

  • Airport safety (according to ADR.OR.D.017)

  • Radiation protection

  • Cybersecurity

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